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The drug is 92% bound to plasma proteins. After intramuscular administration absorption is slow and constant (due to the release from the depot), the maximum concentration of the active haloperidol is achieved in the blood serum of a 3-9 day (in elderly patients – 1 day) and then decreases. The half-life at this dosage form is 3 weeks. Equilibrium plasma concentrations achieved after 2-4 injections (monthly administration) and is 4-20 mg / ml (10.6-53.2 mmol / l. It is easy to pass through the blood-tissue barriers, including gemotoentsefalichesky barrier winstrol steroid. Penetrates into breast milk. The pharmacokinetics of haloperidol decanoate after intramuscular administration is dose dependent. By the introduction of the drug at a dose of 450 mg or less achieved at this level of haloperidol in blood plasma of a linear relationship. Isolation from the body is in the form of metabolites to 60% of the feces by 40% in urine.

Maintenance treatment of chronic schizophrenia in cases where the previously used haloperidol has a good therapeutic effect; especially if there is a need to use a few potent neuroleptic sedating.

noted earlier hypersensitivity to the drug. The oppression of the central nervous system toxicity (alcohol or drug) in the genesis of severe, coma of various origins, central nervous system diseases accompanied by pyramidal or extrapyramidal symptoms (including Parkinson’s disease), depression, hysteria, pregnancy, lactation, children age. The pathological process of localization in the basal ganglia. Precautions : Diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation, epilepsy, angle-closure glaucoma, liver and / or kidney failure, hyperthyroidism (with thyrotoxicosis phenomena), pulmonary, cardiac and respiratory failure (ie. h. in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and acute infectious diseases), prostatic hyperplasia winstrol steroid with urinary retention, alcoholism.

Pregnancy and lactation
Results observing a large number of patients have shown that haloperidol was not significantly increases the number of congenital abnormalities.
In some cases described congenital abnormalities during treatment with haloperidol during pregnancy, usually in combination with other drugs. Thus, haloperidol can be given during pregnancy only if the expected benefits clearly exceed the possible teratogenic effects. Haloperidol gets into breast milk. In some cases, it marked extrapyramidal disorders in newborns whose mother took haloperidol. Therefore, breastfeeding should be administered haloperidol as a thorough evaluation of the ratio of the expected effect and possible risks.

Dosage and administration are allowed only by intramuscular injection; intravenously administered is not ! expendable monthly dose is recommended to enter deeply into the gluteal muscle. The adoption of a long-acting medication is appropriate in cases where the patient regularly takes oral antipsychotic (usually haloperidol). Calculation of the dose of long-acting preparation is carried out by orally applied dosage of haloperidol or other neuroleptic. The original should be administered every 4 weeks 10-15 times the single dose oral administration of the drug, which is usually 25-75 mg (0.5-1.5 ml) of haloperidol decanoate . The initial dose should not exceed 100 mg haloperidol decanoate. Further, depending on the therapeutic response, the dose may be increased gradually to 50 mg, up to optimal effect.

Conventional winstrol steroid maintenance dose administered every 4 weeks is 20-fold by a single daily oral doses of haloperidol. depending on the patient’s therapeutic response to haloperidol decanoate, when re-build-up of symptoms possibly additional use of haloperidol orally. Dosages are determined individually depending on the patient’s condition. It may be necessary to temporarily interrupt the course of treatment, or more frequently than 1 every 4 weeks, administering the drug. . It is not advisable to enter into a longer injections of 3 ml of the drug due to the risk of uncomfortable sensations in the patient in elderly and debilitated patients should apply a lower initial dose – 12.5 -25 1 mg every 4 weeks. Further, depending on the patient, the dose can be increased (the interval between doses and dose frequency are adjusted to at least 1 month).

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